The Ataris Fall US Tour 2017

Warped Tour this summer was an absolute blast. I am ecstatic about all of the incredible fans and bands I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with. After we hopped off of Warped, we continued on the road for two weeks with our good friends in The Queers. Well… we are excited to announce that The Ataris and The Queers are heading back out on the road for another round of loud noises and shenanigans!

Where will I see you? Give me a shout on Twitter or Instagram and let me know which city you’ll be attending. I’d love to meet each and every one of you!

Don’t see your city? Stay tuned for future dates!


MONO M80 Cymbal Case Review

As someone who makes a living with music, keeping my gear protected when I’m not beating the snot out of it on stage is absolutely crucial. Most cases on the market force you to choose between either having a bulky, oversized hardshell case that’s heavy and clunky, or wafer-thin soft-shell bags that tear and hardly protect your gear from more than simply collecting dust. This ultimatum has always left me reluctant to use soft shell cases, however I stumbled upon the MONO M80 cymbal case and had to check it out.

Here are a few notable features of the MONO M80 cymbal case that I found to be valuable as a touring drummer.


If you’re a drummer, you know that we’ve got plenty of gear to haul around… and typically everyone vanishes when it’s time to help out the drummer, right? That’s a whole different blog entry. Anyway, even a simple setup of cymbals can be quite heavy; there’s no reason that a case should add an excess amount of bulk and weight to the equation. The moment I picked up the MONO M80 cymbal case, I was impressed with not only the sleek, clean design, but also with how lightweight the case is—just 4 lbs to be exact. But don’t be fooled by its light weight, this case is built to protect.


How much brass do you use? I’m use a simple setup with just hi hats, ride cymbal, and two crash cymbals, but even that adds up to a fair amount of weight. Perhaps my favorite feature of the MONO M80 cymbal case is the comfortable, backpack-style strap configuration on the back of the case. This is absolutely fantastic for times when you need to carry your gear over a long distance (airport, festival load ins/outs, public transit) because it gives you the ability to carry your cymbals comfortably by distributing your weight between both shoulders as opposed to slinging 25-30 lbs of metal over one shoulder.


It’s no secret that water and metal aren’t exactly best friends. The MONO M80 is said to be built to military specs to protect gear from the elements. While I can’t honestly say that I’ve taken this case on the battlefield, I can tell you as someone who tours 200+ days out of the year that this case effectively keeps rain and spilled beer out, while the inside of the case remains dry and cozy.


Some products most important features are ones that you don’t see at first glance. MONO has done a great job of enforcing the bottom of the M80 both on the inside and out. Inside, MONO has put in what the company calls “The Boot™” which is essentially a panel that centers your brass and keeps them slightly slightly elevated off a thick layer of padding. On the exterior, you’ll notice a rubber piece similar to the sole of a shoe (but on steroids) which acts as an extra barrier of protection between your cymbals and the cold, harsh ground.


Taking a look inside the M80 is like looking into a 5-star resort created for your cymbals. The main compartment is equipped with 5 padded slots to separate and protect your cymbals (up to 22”). Next, the MONO M80 provides a compartment for your hi hats, with a bonus clutch section, which is great if you lose your clutch like I do… all… the… time. Finally, the smallest section in the front allows a space to put your splash cymbals, or in my case, a practice pad. The case helps keep your cymbals divided, protected, and organized.


After a few months with the MONO M80 cymbal case, I can honestly say that this may be the best case I’ve ever owned for my cymbals, and I’ve gone through plenty of cases. While some people may still prefer hardshell cases in instances where you need to check gear for air travel, the M80 has been great for me as a carryon for international travel (some airlines may not allow it, but I’ve been lucky a few times), one-off gigs, travel to and from rehearsal/studio, and extensive, rigorous touring. I highly recommend the MONO M80 cymbal give a 10/10 for impeccable design, quality, and functionality.

*I was not paid by any company for this review but may have received product in exchange for my thorough, honest, objective opinion.


Calling all bands/artists!

If you’re looking to get into the studio this summer for a new slammin’ EP or Full-Length project, you are in luck.

I am NOW ACCEPTING INQUIRIES for open studio time in late August and early September!

I will be returning from Warped Tour in August and am looking for ONE PROJECT that I can pour my time, energy, and creativity into. Your project can be any genre, but I am hoping to find a band that I can really get behind and help put out a solid release.

Booking your project with me includes:

  • Preproduction suggestions
  • Tracking at my studio (analog and digital gear)
  • Use of in-house drums, amps, guitars
  • Any help tracking parts on drums, bass, guitar, piano, backing vocals
  • Mixing/Editing
  • Instrumental and backing track versions of mixes (upon request)

Interested? Send over an email with your project details: number of songs, genre, instrumentation, any links to previous releases, etc.

The best part is that you only need a small down payment to snag and lock down this available time. The rest of the financials are taken care of later.

On the fence? Send over an email anyway! No obligation. Nothing to lose.

You put everything into your music. Put the production in the hands of someone who cares as much as you do. I stand behind every release that comes out of my studio, and I look forward to working with you.


NEW COVER – Goo Goo Dolls

Song: Name | Artist: Goo Goo Dolls

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a full cover, but I was just messing around with my loop pedal and have always loved this song. Hope you enjoy!


I’ve always liked this jam, but never had a chance to sit down and play through it. After catching The 1975 in St Paul this week, I found the itch to give it a go. This is just a one-take deal, no crazy angles or anything, but I hope you all dig it.


Announcing: ROCK DRUMS 101!


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any information about projects I’ve been involved with, but that changes now. I am thrilled to announce that I am working vigilantly on a new online video course called “ROCK DRUMS 101.” This course combines my 25 years of drumming and touring experience with over 15 years of teaching to provide an easy-to-follow curriculum for new drummers to help them develop a groove and become a better drummer.

The toughest part for new students is finding the right instructor. Too often, I have heard students tell me that their instructor is intimidating, confusing, or simply boring. This is MUSIC—it should be exciting, easy-to-follow, and most of all, FUN! If you agree, my new course is absolutely perfect for you.

The great thing about this course—anyone can take it. That’s right! It doesn’t matter if you’re young (5) or young at heart (105), male or female, music knows no boundaries… and my lessons are no exception to the rule.

You’re not going to want to miss this! Sign up on the mailing list now, and be entered for a chance to WIN THE ENTIRE “ROCK DRUMS 101” COURSE FOR FREE! And even if you don’t win the grand prize, every person that enters will receive a FREE lesson… you’ve got nothing to lose!


Hello friends!

To say that I have been busy would be a huge understatement.  I have been working hard on several things and I am ecstatic to release a little bit for you — Check out my new drum cover for “In This Diary” by The Ataris!  Please SHARE it and help me spread the word!

For more videos, check out my VIDEO section, or head over to my YouTube channel (and subscribe)!

Stay classy.


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