Dustin Phillips is a highly-seasoned Musician, Producer, and Instructor from Minneapolis, MN.   His musical passion began to take shape at the young age of 5, when he picked up his first set of drumsticks playing along to the radio on his first set of Remo Junior Pro drums.   Throughout his youth, Dustin became captivated by music and started learning any instrument he could get his hands on.

In his adult life, he remains an active musician both locally and nationally as a drummer and guitarist performing in music venues, as well as events such as weddings and corporate parties.  See below for a full list of services offered.

Songwriting as a musician and producer has been a huge part of his life as Dustin has engineered and produced many of his own recordings.  As of today, he has released two solo albums, a full length album under the alias You Jump, i Jump, and been a part of several others with previous bands All The Right Moves and Thru The Static.  In addition to producing his own music, another true passion is producing others.  Dustin has helped numerous bands and artists get the sound that they desire out of his studio just south of the Twin Cities.  You won’t find anyone else with the same drive to put out a great product on a musician’s budget.

In addition to writing and producing music, Dustin has been actively teaching music lessons for over 10 years.  With over 300 students taught, he has helped positively influence many local students who aspire to be rock stars.  Whether it be drums, guitar, or bass, Dustin’s private lessons are perfect for any student looking to learn an instrument from someone who is patient, passionate, and still active as a musician.  New innovative programs are constantly offered like the ‘Rock Band’ performance class where students of all instruments get together for weekly rehearsals and rock out as a group.  Sign your student up now!

Dustin attended McNally Smith College of Music and graduated in 2007 with an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Music Business.   In the future, be on the look-out for more album releases and performances. Dustin plans to continue pursuing what he feels he was created to do — music.  Dustin proudly endorses Chicago Custom Percussion and Silverfox Drumsticks.

Services Offered:

  • Full Audio Production – Music (All Genres), Advertising, Jingles, Theme Songs, Drums, Voice-Over
  • Audio Mixing – Project Already Tracked?  Audio Mixing Offered at an Affordable Rate
  • YouTube Videos – Full HD, Video Editing
  • Songwriting
  • Wedding Music – Low-Key Acoustic Music for Wedding Ceremony, Dinner, Etc.
  • Wedding Proposal Music – On Location Acoustic Music for Your Big Moment
  • Music Lessons – Drum, Guitar, Bass, Full Band

If you are interested in any services that Dustin has to offer, please visit the Get in Touch page and send your inquiry!

“Thank you to all of you who have been supporting me since day one. It truly means the world to me.”
– Dustin Phillips